Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Fences

We hosted a fencing workshop today as part of the spring series of Sierra Nevada Small Farm Progress Days. Under the leadership of Roger Ingram, our farm advisor, and Brad Fowler from LiveWire Products, we built 1/2 mile of electric fence at the Doty Ravine Preserve in Lincoln. This fence will help us manage the cows and sheep more effectively - improving our pastures and benefiting the animals.

This was the first permanent electric fence I've constructed, and I learned a great deal. It was also a great chance to work together - physical work is always more enjoyable when it's shared.

After the workshop, we (Roger, Courtney and I) moved the ewes and lambs. It's always a kick to see young lambs move into new pasture, especially when there's high terrain. The lambs love to play "king of the hill," which is hilarious to watch.

We have more Small Farm Progress Days workshops scheduled:

  • Vegetable Field Day - March 27 (The Natural Trading Company - Newcastle)

  • Orchard Field Day - April 24 (location TBD)

  • Forestry Field Day - May 8 (Edwards Family Farm - Colfax)

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