Sunday, March 15, 2009


Despite what the calendar tells us, spring seems to have arrived! I'm sure we'll get more winter weather (at least I hope we will), but the days are growing longer, and the grass is starting to grow!

As "grass-farmers," we rely on Mother Nature's ability to produce grass and other forages for our livestock. Rather than invest in machinery to harvest this "crop," we also rely on four-legged harvesters (sheep and cows) to convert this crop into meat, wool and milk.

This time of year, we move our animals frequently to keep up with the grass growth. In March and April (provided we've had enough rain), we can regraze our pastures in 25 days or less (this means that the grass will regrow in less than a month). If you mow your lawn, you'll know that your grass grows quicker this time of year!

In a month, we'll start irrigating. In the meantime, we hope that we get enough later winter and early spring rainfall to keep the soil adequately moist. In other words, we want the perfect mix of sunshine and rain. Is that too much to ask?

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