Friday, March 13, 2009


Once more, we've had an exceptionally busy week - as the days get long, thins seem to grow busier! Here's a sampling:

Sunday - we sorted off 6 finished lambs for processing and treated the feet of the rest of the lambs. We also moved the lambing ewes and sorted off a ram and two ewes that had lost their lambs. We'll take them to the sale next week.

Monday - we took 30 lambs to Dixon for processing Monday morning. On our return trip, we stopped to take care of the lambs that were born overnight. We also moved the feeder lambs and moved the cows in Lincoln. Later that afternoon, we returned to Lincoln to fill water troughs. Monday evening I had an Agricultural Commission meeting.

Tuesday - Following the Roseville Farmer's Market (8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) I moved the ewes and processed new lambs in Lincoln and then laid out two new fencelines. That evening I had a Foothill Farmer's Market Association board meeting.

Wednesday - Roger Ingram, Courtney McDonald and I worked on postholes for the new fences in Lincoln. Courtney and I also moved the ewes and took care of new lambs. No meetings in the evening - what a treat!

Thursday - After running errands in the morning, I spent several hours on my consulting job with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. In the afternoon, I hauled water to the sheep and took care of 4 new lambs. Thursday evening, I helped out with a farm business planning class in Auburn.

Friday - Today, I'll be moving sheep, setting fence posts and checking cows. The girls have the day off from school, so I'll get to spend the entire day with them (which is wonderful!). We hope to find some time to work the young border collies today, too.

Saturday - Our friend Megan will staff our stall at the Auburn Farmer's Market. We're putting on a fencing workshop in Lincoln, which should be fun.

As we have more daylight, it seems that I have more work to do. I love my work, but I need to remember to take a day off now and then - for me and for my family.

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