Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Lambing Journal - Day 9

While it's far too early to tell if our efforts yesterday made any difference, we did not lose any lambs last night.  Fortunately, the weather was not as severe as expected; even so, arriving this morning to a bunch of active vigorous lambs (and several new lambs), was a good feeling.  I hope it continues!  In the meantime, we're giving each lamb a small dose of LA200 and an injection of vitamin E and selenium.

I'm taking one of the dead lambs to the food animal lab at the UC Davis vet school.  We should find out what's going on, which will allow us to take further specific steps to improve survivability this year and prevent this from happening again in future years.  I'll post our results when we get them.

When I get back today, I'll check for new lambs and finish setting up a new paddock for the ewes (they'll go onto it tomorrow).

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  1. We had just one new lamb this afternoon. I'll head back after dinner and check on the ewes again. It's warmer tonight, and the wind has subsided, so hopefully everyone will be happy!