Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Lambing Journal - Day 22

What a soggy day!  We've measured 1.95" of rain since this morning, and it's still raining (at 7 p.m.).  I hate to say this, but I'm ready for a break.  The forecast shows rain or showers through next Tuesday - I hope the weather people are wrong.

Just two new lambs today - both singles.  Everyone seems to be coping with the wet conditions okay.  I put the ewes and lambs onto fresh feed this morning, which should help them maintain body temperature through the night.

I checked my list of ewes yet to lamb, and I also checked the appearance of those ewes this morning.  I think we have 16 to 18 ewes left to lamb, and maybe 4-5 that are not bred.  I expect we'll be done lambing in the next 10 days.  Now we just need a bit of sunshine!

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