Monday, March 14, 2011

A Lambing Journal - Day 21

We've been lambing now for 3 weeks - time flies when you're having fun!  Just 3 singles today, but I think we'll have a few more lamb during the night.  According to my records, we have about 33 ewes left to lamb.  I'll try to check ear tags over the next several days to see if they are bred.

The green grass is really coming on - the hills in Auburn are so green it hurts my ewes!  I thought I'd share a few landscape shots of the sheep and the green grass!  Hard to believe, but we've got more than 450 sheep at the moment - including the lambs!
Mo - waiting for further instructions!  The ewes and lambs are in the background.
The Blueface Leicester rams (and Yola, our Friesian ewe).
Our yearling ewes.
The new yearling ewes.

We began the process of getting our sheep ready to move onto a grazing contract in Rocklin today.  I brought our yearling ewes and the goats back to the corrals and put everyone through the foot bath.  On Wednesday, I'll put the new yearling ewes through the foot bath.  Early next week, we'll start hauling sheep to the Whitney Oaks community.

As you know from reading (and watching our videos), the lambs are going through their rambunctious phase, which includes climbing on their mothers!
"Queen" of the mountain!

Bottle babies waiting for dinner.

I've also included photos of two ewe lambs that represent our target cross-bred ewe.  As luck would have it, both lambs belong to our daughters!
Lara's ewe lamb, "Chewy" - she's a Dorset Mule (Dorset x Blueface Leicester).
Emma's ewe lamb Fiona - she's a North Country Mule (North Country Cheviot x Blueface Leicester).


  1. I'm thinking of using a BFL ram on some of my ewes next year. I'll have to talk to you about that. Will you have any to sell?

  2. We don't have any straight BFL ewes yet, so we won't have any BFL rams. However, we get our rams from a breeder in Sebastopol, so she might have something for you.