Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Mode

This summer, so far, has been different from past years.  The most significant change is that we are not irrigating any pasture.  We have been grazing our lambs on irrigated pasture at several different properties, but we haven't had to do the watering ourselves - a nice change!

The trade-off, however, has been the time we're spending on contract grazing.  As I write this, we have sheep at five different properties.  This means we're driving more than in previous years.  While being paid for our grazing services has been wonderful, the amount of time I'm on the road is troubling.

Farming on land that we don't own has it's upside and downside.  I couldn't farm at our current scale if I had to own the land - farmland is just not affordable here.  On the other hand, our operation is very scattered at the moment.

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