Monday, February 8, 2010

Small Farms Conservancy

"No one should be without land to care for" - this is the vision of the Small Farms Conservancy.  Lynn Miller, editor and publisher of the Small Farmer's Journal, and a number of other farsighted farmers and farm advocates started the Small Farms Conservancy in 2008 to "protect, sustain and inspire small farming worldwide."  The organization's immediate projects and goals include:
  • farm technology information services
  • farmland preservation and protecting farms in trust
  • enhancement of local marketing through regulatory problem solving, public relations and promotions
  • establishment of an agrarian think-tank
  • annual small farm awards and fellowships
  • micro-loan programs
  • farm and farm family insurance
  • farmer retirement programs
  • apprenticeship clearinghouse
  • education advocacy
  • farm caretaking services
  • farmer's legal assistance
  • estate planning
It's an ambitious set of goals, but each goal is essential to the continuation of small scale farming in this country (and probably around the world).  I encourage you to learn more about the Small Farms Conservancy and to consider joining!

For more information, go to or send an email to

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