Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Like many farmers and ranchers, I keep a journal of my daily activities - both as a record and as a way to compare one year to the next.  As many of you know, I also like to take photos of what we're doing with the sheep.  In the coming 12 months, I'm going to try to combine these activities (probably mostly for my own enjoyment, but I hope some readers will enjoy it, too).  I'm going to post a photograph everyday (hopefully) for the 12 months beginning on October 1 - a photo of whatever happens to catch my eye that day.  Why October 1?  Because on our operation, that's the day we turn the rams in with the ewes - the first day of the sheep new year!  Most photos will be sheep related; some will be reflective of that rare day off!  And I'll post them with the tag #sheep365.

I hope my sheep-raising friends (actual and virtual) will do something similar - I always learn something from others who are raising sheep in other parts of the world!  Most of all, I hope to have fun doing this!  Stay tuned!

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