Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wearing out my Raingear

The work of a shepherd is hard on work clothes, I've decided.  Most of my hats are sweat- and dust-stained.  The collars of my workshirts are generally stained (if not worn through).  My jeans feature holes where the 12-volt fence batteries touch them when I'm carrying them.  As much as I try to keep my work boots oiled, they're usually dusty and worn.  And my coats - I can usually only get 3-4 years out of a Carhartt canvas jacket - and same generally goes for my raingear.  If there's any silver lining to this drought, I guess, it might the fact that I'll be able to get another year out of my Carhartt rainsuit - hardly used it at all last year!  I hope I wear the sucker out this winter!

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