Thursday, September 18, 2014

King Fire Farmer/Rancher Fundraiser

As you probably know if you live in Northern California, the King Fire (which started near Pollock Pines) blew up yesterday.  The fire grew from around 18,000 acres on Tuesday night to over 70,000 acres as of this morning.  Yesterday afternoon and evening, the fire burned past Stumpy Meadows Reservoir and clear to Hell Hole Reservoir in Placer County.

The long term impact of the fire remains to be seen.  It will almost certainly impact water supplies and watershed values for years to come.  In the short term, it has had devastating impacts on farmers and ranchers.  In a year already short on grass, some ranchers have lost their summer forage to the fire - and I'm sure some have lost livestock, too.  Others have been impacted by smoke and by evacuations.  In short, it's been a scary week.

We want to do a small part in helping folks get through this disaster.  Flying Mule Farm is teaming up with Vassar Ranch and North Valley Farms Che'vre to donate the following:

  • A grass-fed lamb (cut-and-wrapped) - approximately 30 lbs of meat
  • A 50 lb variety box of grass-fed beef
  • A sampler of wonderful goat cheeses
The meat will be available for delivery in October.  The cheese will be shipped to the winning bidder.

You can bid on these items on our Facebook page - go to and enter your bid as a comment to my post.  And please share this with others!

Thanks for your help!

The Macon Family
Flying Mule Farm
(530) 305-3270

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  1. Thank you to everyone who participated! Christine's American Bistro in Meadow Vista was the winning bidder - $1500! Be sure to stop in and say thank you!