Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ernie's Progress - August 3, 2014

Another installment in the ongoing saga of Ernie the sheep dog!

Ernie put in a full day's work today.  We started by hauling lambs back to leased pasture (we'd sheared them yesterday).  Ernie brought them from the trailer to the paddock with no problem at all.  After a brief diversion (getting our first cord of firewood), we got to the real work.  Ernie gathered the main flock and brought them into the corrals.  He still tries to get to their heads when it's not necessary, but at least he's under control!  We then put all of the ewes through the working chute (to sort off culls and take inventory).  Ernie was amazing in the corrals!  He was thoughtful about his work and showed outstanding courage - ewes that faced him and stomped at him were given a chance to reform and then nipped on the nose.  A brave dog will take on a ewe head-to-head - a less courageous dog will slip around and nip a flank.  Ernie went head-to-head today!  And even in the heat, he showed amazing stamina - he's a dog I'll need to watch to make sure he gets cool-down breaks and plenty of drinks!

Working with a canine partner can be incredibly rewarding - especially on days like this!  Thanks, Ernie!
A nice way to end the day!

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