Friday, February 7, 2014

Images from the Drought

As you might imagine, the dry winter (and it's ramifications, both short- and long-term) have been the dominant topic of conversation among farmers and ranchers this winter.  I wanted to share a few images that represent the drought and it's impacts on agriculture in the last month or two.  I think these images speak for themselves - even with the rain we're receiving this weekend, we have a lot more catching up to do.

Spaulding Lake (at 5000' elevation in the Yuba River watershed) - January 30, 2013 (credit: Sierra Nevada Conservancy)

Feeding cows in the south Bay Area - January 26 (credit: Sheila Barry)

New garlic at Buckeye Ranch in Nevada County - January 25 (credit: Matthew Shapero)

Capay Valley in Yolo County - February 6.  "Usually these pastures are knee-deep
in grass this time of year." (credit: Lisa Leonard)

Loading up for a trip to the auction - Butte County - late January. (credit: Carol Chaffin Albrecht)

Enough grass to hide a calf - Butte County - February 5.  (credit: Ned Coe)

Buying hay at Echo Valley Ranch in Auburn - January 25. (credit: Dan Macon)

Perennial grass pasture on the North Coast - should be 4-6" high - February 5.  (credit: Kirin Harp)

Winter feeding in the Klamath Basin - February 1. (credit: Elizabeth Hubbard)

Ground-level view of new grass in Wheatland - February 5. (credit: Mark Leffler)

Vacaville pasture - early February 2013. (credit: Robin Lynde)

Same pasture - early February 2014.  (credit: Robin Lynde)

Farm pond in Auburn - January 23. (credit: Dan Macon)

Sheep pasture in Auburn - January 24. (credit: Dan Macon)

Oats and vetch planted for hay near Orland - had to be irrigated to germinate!
January 30. (credit: Greg Massa)

Annual rangeland near Oakdale - January 22. (credit: Holly George)

"Lake" Oroville - January 27. (credit: DWR)

Greenhorn Creek near Quincy - February 4. (credit: Holly George)

Horses on winter pasture near Quincy - February 5. (credit: Holly George)

Hillside pasture after 21 days rest - near Rio Vista - February 4. (credit: Dan Macon)

Moving sheep pairs (Rio Vista) - February 5. (credit: Dan Macon)

Riverhill Farm cover crop - January 26. (credit: Alan Haight)

Sheep headed for the auction - January 31. (credit: Dan Macon)

Sierra Valley pasture - February 5. (credit: Solomon Sweeting)

Sierra Valley stock "pond" - January 23. (credit: Solomon Sweeting)

Sierra Valley rye pasture - February 5. (credit: Solomon Sweeting)

Trip to the Fallon sales yard - February 4. (credit: Solomon Sweeting)
Un-irrigated native perennial grasses on the Central Coast - January 2014. (credit: Joe and Julie Morris)

Central coast rangeland - January 2014. (credit: Joe and Julie Morris)

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