Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Gift

"I'm sleepin' in the barn tonight," Emma told her Mom and Dad.
"I know it's cold, but I'm ten years old - now where's my sleepin' bag and pad?"
"You seem pretty determined," I said, "Can't you tell me why?
It's an odd request, but then I guess we might just let you try."

"Dad," she said, "It's Christmas Eve - don't you know that maybe
The animals will talk at twelve o'clock - God's reward for helpin' Mary's baby!"
Then I said, "Emma, that's pretty silly, but I guess you need some learnin.
So grab a light, 'cause you know you might get scared before the morning."

So Mom got her bundled up and she rolled out her bag in the hay.
She sat up to make herself stay awake - she'd show 'em all on Christmas Day!


My wife said, "It's cold and it's late - don't you think you should check on her, Dan?
She's pretty excited - you know what tonight is - but maybe she's changed her plan."
I laced up my boots, but on a hat, and buttoned my coat up high.
I cracked the barn door, then opened it more, and I swear this isn't a lie.

"Close that door," said my old horse, "That wind is cold and it's damp."
"That's right," said a cow, "Don't wake Emma now - come over here and put out that lamb."
"W-w-was that you?" I stammered to my horse, "Could this night be any stranger?"
He answered, "Yes, don't you know were blessed that night Jesus was born in a manger?"

"We animals were the only ones there," another cow quietly told.
"We gave Him a bed to rest His sweet head - we helped his folks get out of the cold.
So now at midnight on each Christmas Eve we receive this wonderful gift from above.
God gives us each the power of speech, 'cause we were the first to show Jesus our love."

"So when Emma wakes up in the mornin', you can tell her yourself that it's true.
She should always believe that on Christmas Eve, we critters can talk just like you!"

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  1. Beautiful Dan, May Jesus be part of everyones' Christmas. Jenny Cavaliere