Monday, December 23, 2013

The First Guard Dog

"Where'd the first guard dog come from, Dad?"
Lara asked me as we were ridin' home.
So I did a little research this week
And finally came up with this poem.

I learned that shepherds back in Bible times
Fought coyotes like we do today.
Seemed like no mater what they did,
They just couldn't keep 'em away.

Now when baby Jesus was born,
Angels came to the herders at night.
An' the air filled with their gloriuos song
An' the sky filled up with light.

The Bible says "they were sore afraid,"
But it wasn't 'cause of the Heavenly Host.
It was leavin' their sheep with the coyotes about -
That's what scared 'em the most.

So God created a guard dog -
Like sheep he was woolly and white.
He made the dog wanna stay with the flock
An' keep the coyotes away all night.

God told the herders, "Now you can go -
The dog'll watch over the herd.
Go welcome my Son in Bethlehem,
Who's come to be my Word."

So sheepherders were the first to go
An' welcome God's own Son,
But without their new guard dog,
They never would've gone!

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