Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ernie's Progress - August 7

Not a whole lot to report today, but what I do have to report about Ernie is positive.  This evening, we moved ewes and lambs into an expanded paddock.  I asked Ernie to come into the paddock.  He wanted to go around the sheep, but I wanted him to stay with me.  Despite his desire to work, he stayed with me - definitely progress!  Later, we discovered that we had a single lamb (and a former bottle baby, so an obnoxious single at that) that had stayed back.  Working a single is difficult for many dogs, and Ernie struggled to figure out what I was asking.  That said, he successfully moved the lamb into the newly expanded paddock.  I was pretty proud of him!

Tomorrow or Friday, we'll be moving this group of sheep to the corrals and then up the county road.  I think Ernie's ready!

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