Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Wool...

This wool has a story - it comes from sheep that graze the hillsides, pasturelands and brushfields around my Sierra foothills home.

This wool is shorn and skirted and rolled and sacked by the hands of my family and friends.
This wool comes from sheep that spend their entire lives on grass.
This wool is protected by Buck and Reno and Rosie - three dedicated guardian dogs.
It is also protected by Clara and Tina - two less dedicated and quite funny looking llamas.

This wool comes from sheep that are guided from pasture to pasture by Taff and Mo and Ernie.
This wool helps make my part of Auburn a little more fire-safe during the summer.
This wool helps protect and restore native grasslands.  It helps hawks and owls find more food by reducing the grass that hides the rodents.

This wool comes from a family that is trying to make its living from the land and from a livelihood that's older than history itself.

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