Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Some of us farmers joke that we wish we were weather forecasters - we'd love to get paid for being right less than 50 percent of the time.  In all seriousness, meteorology seems to involve as much art as science - the weather remains challenging to predict despite our collective knowledge and technology.
The mothers of future grass-fed beef - we're feeding hay
because of the dry weather.

The weather certainly seems to be changing.  Sunday, as we were training dogs here in Auburn, a south wind blew and the weather grew colder.  Monday morning, we awoke to 20 degree temperatures and broken pipes at home.  Our high was 44F, significantly more winter-like than the 60+ degree days last week.  The National Weather Service assures us that we'll get a bunch of rain over the next 5-7 days.  Today's clouds suggest that moisture is on the way, as do the black-headed Juncos (also known as snow birds) I saw today for the first time this winter at Shanley Ranch.

"Red sky at night - sailors' delight" - I hope tonight's beautiful sunset doesn't
mean that the predicted rain is going to miss us again!
Since I'm somewhat of a techno-geek, I've been checking multiple weather websites over the last month in anticipation of the eventual onset of winter.  I'll probably check these websites many times before heading for bed tonight, too.  The proof of their accuracy will arrive later tonight, I hope - I can't wait to awaken to the sound of rain on our roof.

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