Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Dogs of Flying Mule Farm

This afternoon, Courtney McDonald and Roger Ingram joined Lara and me to train sheepdogs.  Courtney brought Lucy, Roger brought Cait and Bella, Lara worked Mo, and I worked Taff and Ernie.  We all decided that it was extremely helpful to train our dogs together - Roger brought an iPad to video tape our sessions, and we were all able to offer suggestions and insights.  We're hoping to make it a monthly event.

Our afternoon together emphasized for me the attitude and investment necessary to work dogs successfully.  Unlike a piece of equipment, a dog requires a system of communication and understanding to work effectively - working a dog is truly a partnership.  Part of the attraction of raising sheep, for me, is this reliance on my dogs.  Other sheep producers are very successful by relying primarily on equipment and facilities.  I would rather invest my time and energy in learning to use my dogs more effectively!

Enjoy these photos:

Courtney's dog, Lucy.

Lucy again!

Roger and Cait.

Mo - very pleased with himself after working.

Roger and Bella (with Courtney doing the filming).

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