Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lamb Jam San Francisco 2011

We were invited by the American Lamb Board to participate in Lamb Jam San Francisco this year (for more information, go to  This year's event, which was held at the Golden Gate Club at the Presidio in San Francisco, was completely sold out - more than 700 folks turned out!  We were one of three "local" producers (along Pozzi Ranch Lamb from Sonoma County and Shannon Ranch from Lake County) who had booths - what fun!  The event featured a chef's competition, wine tasting, and some outstanding and unusual lamb dishes.  For us, it was a great excuse to spend a fun day in the City!  Enjoy these photos!

The Macon girls manning our booth.

Who's that little lamb?

There were 3 rooms with different wineries and restaurants - each room was packed!

Since we cook whole lambs on occasion, I was intrigued by the folks from
The Whole Beast - here, they're carving a lamb and making pita wraps.  They were good,
but they should have used Courtney McDonald's recipe!

The crowd was amazing!

Here's how The Whole Beast barbecued the lambs - pretty cool!

I liked this simple approach to building a barbecue.  There are two lambs being
barbecued in this photo.

Taking a lamb off the fire.

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