Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Selling our Wool II

On Monday, I delivered 105.5 lbs of our wool to Yolo Wool Mill in Woodland.  Yolo Wool Mill is a very small operation that caters to producers like us - they process small batches of wool into roving and yarn.  I got the impression that our wool will be one of the larger single batches they'll process this year.

The machinery they use is amazing.  The carding machine that they'll use to process our wool was built in 1956.  The spinning equipment is equally old.  Seems that the technology was more appropriately scaled in the middle of the last century!  The folks that work there seem to be part artist, part mechanic and part small-scale advocates.

From our 105.5 lbs of wool, we should get about 60 lbs of yarn and roving.  We're hoping to bring wool products to the farmers' market this fall.  Stay tuned!

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