Thursday, April 21, 2011

Avian Sign Posts

I was reminded today that my work as a shepherd is tied closely to the rhythms of the seasons - and that nature also pays close attention to these rhythms.  I heard and saw the first Bullock's Oriole today in a tree in one of our pastures.  The return of the Orioles (from Central America, I think) generally occurs in our part of the foothills around the third week of April.  They remind me that it's time to shear!  The Sandhill Cranes go south in the fall - about the time we turn the rams in with the ewes.  They come back north in February - about the time our new lambs arrive.

I count myself fortunate to make my living in partnership with nature - sometimes I have to stop and remember to be quiet enough to hear what nature is telling me!  Sometimes it's the call of a bird that wakes me up!

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