Monday, March 28, 2011

A Lambing Journal - Day 35

Driving by the ewes this morning on the way to school, I thought I saw a new set of twins.  Sure enough, one of the 3 remaining ewes had lambed during the night - a nice ewe lamb and a good-sized ram lamb.  We moved everyone onto fresh feed this morning, everyone seemed happy.  I went back this afternoon to process the new lambs, and the sheep were obviously enjoying the first real spring day!  Just 2 more left to lamb!

The sheep are on the corner of Mt. Vernon Road and Joeger Road in Auburn - a very visible corner.  During my two visits to the sheep today, there were probably half a dozen people who pulled over to see the sheep.  Sometimes the public nature of our operation creates headaches; today, it was fun to share the enjoyment we get from the sheep!

We also moved the yearling ewes in Rocklin today, and I moved the cows we manage in Lincoln onto fresh feed, as well.  Everyone (me, the sheep, the cows, the dogs, etc.) seemed to be thrilled with the dry and sunny weather!

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