Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Lambing Journal - Day 29

This was a fairly quiet day (at least on the lambing front) - just one new lamb this morning.  Paul and I moved the ewe that lambed yesterday back to the rest of the flock, and Paul processed the new ewe lamb this afternoon.  I'm now debating whether to go back and move them tonight before the storm comes in.  Paul says they're just about out of feed - I could hear them insisting on being moved when Paul called me.

The big event today was that we started moving the yearling ewes onto a targeted grazing project in the Whitney Oaks community in Rocklin.  We took 3 loads today, and we'll finish moving the yearlings tomorrow.

I was whining to my sister last night about the challenges we've had with lambing this year.  She suggested a celebration when the last lamb arrives - what a great idea!  We'll at least enjoy a shot of whiskey!

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  1. I went ahead and moved the ewes and lambs - made them quite happy. Ewe 684 was in labor as I moved them. She didn't progress much, so I assisted her in delivering a large ram lamb. Hopefully she'll mother up good before the rain starts tonight.