Friday, March 11, 2011

A Lambing Journal - Day 18

We purchased a load of Columbia yearling ewes today - had to go to Los Banos early to pick them up, so I checked the ewes before daylight.  We had one new set of twins (in addition to those that were born last night), and I observed one more ewe getting ready to lamb.  We left her to her own devices and headed for Los Banos at 6 a.m.

We returned to the ranch at about 2 p.m. After unloading the new ewes, Paul and I went through our lambing ewes again - the ewe that we'd left had given birth to twins, and we found one more in the process of lambing.  I took a VERY amateur video of some of the lambs getting their exercise!  You can also check out a video of how we take care of newborn lambs on my youtube channel.

Tomorrow, we'll be at the farmers' market in the morning, and we'll be moving sheep all afternoon!  Another busy day!

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