Monday, March 7, 2011

A Lambing Journal - Day 14

Just two new lambs this morning, which was a good thing (the skies opened up at about 4 a.m. - I think we received 3/4" of rain in about 45 minutes).  One of the lambs was the largest we've ever had.  He was a single out of one of my sister's Corriedale ewes, and he weighed 18.5 pounds!  He's a moose!  I'm amazed that the ewe was able to deliver him without assistance.

I was able to catch all but two of the lambs that we had not yet processed fully.  The two that I missed are just too fast - I'll have to wait until I can catch them sleeping!  I'll head back to the ranch around sundown to check for more - looks like we'll have several more ewes lamb this evening.  I'm also worried about a ram lamb that was born on Saturday - he's a twin, but his mother doesn't seem to recognize him.  I may bring him home to join the other bottle babies tonight.

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  1. No new lambs this evening, although at least one ewe was in the early stages of labor. Should be at least one new set of twins to greet us in the morning! Bob the bottle lamb came home with us and is currently hanging out in the kitchen!