Friday, March 4, 2011

A Lambing Journal - Day 11

Finally - a normal day of lambing!  We had 3 sets of twins and two singles today.  We moved them to a new paddock this afternoon (in preparation for tomorrow's Sierra CRAFT Lambing School), and everyone did just fine.

I am very fortunate to have several very good border collies.  New mothers are the most difficult sheep to move,  but Mo and Taff did a great job today.

We finished our work by about 4:30 this afternoon.  For the first time this lambing season, I was able to sit and enjoy our new lambs.  They are starting to form "gangs" - they terrorize their mothers and bounce around playing with each other.

We don't have results from UCD yet, but the combination of Vitamin E/Selenium and LA200 injections seem to be helping.  I'll actually get 6-8 hours of sleep tonight!

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