Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Shepherd's Day

This morning, my friend and sheep partner Roger Ingram and I moved the bred ewes about 1/4 mile down Shanley Road to fresh feed.  Thanks to our outstanding dogs (Bella and Mo this morning), the move went very well - and the sheep were very happy to be on new feed.  After they settled in, Roger and I walked through the ewes to see how close they're getting to lambing.  We expect to have new lambs by the end of the week!

Then Mo and I drove to Sierra College to check on the yearling ewes and goats that are grazing a fuel break on campus.  I'd moved them yesterday, so we didn't have much to do.  After several days of cold rain, they were enjoying the sunshine.

After stops at the feed store and the hardware store on the way home, I finally cleaned my desk (much to Sami's amazement and delight).  I also went through our lambing supplies and got organized for the impending arrivals.  This afternoon, we met Roger and our friend Kathy Hofer at the ranch to train dogs.  Taff did some great outruns, and Ernie definitely made progress.  One more check of the lambing ewes, and we returned home.  All in all a great day!

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