Sunday, January 16, 2011

Emma's Day at the Ranch

Emma took the camera to the ranch today - here's what she saw (captions by Emma)...

Buck was eating his food, because the other dog (Boise) would eat his dog food.

Buck licking his lips!

Boise and the sheep in the fog.

Boise eating his food.

Ernie looking out of the window of the truck.

Ernie looking at something.
Me chewing my gum!

Roger working Bella.

Bella focusing.

Me and Ernie (my Dad took this photo).

My Dad working Ernie.

Ernie is focusing.
Vegas on her back being goofy.

Sheep in the fog.

Dad catching Vegas.

Dogs playing by Frisbee (the mule).

Dogs playing with each other.

Ernie sitting on the steps.

Ernie working as hard as he can.

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