Saturday, November 6, 2010

Canyon View Preserve - Days 7 & 8

Yesterday, I arrived at the project at about 1 p.m. and decided that the animals needed more feed - they had gone through the second paddock much more quickly.  I added a section of fence and allowed them access to more blackberries.

Today I arrived to the dismaying scene of goats in the adjacent subdivision.  Thanks to our wonderful dogs, Mo and Taff, we got everyone gathered and back on-site.  We then moved the bunch downhill to a new paddock with lots of blackberries - they seemed quite happy when we left.

This time of year, I start watching the weather.  High wind and high water will impact our fencing, so I try to make sure that the paddocks are secure.  With rain on the way, I'll be back at the project site first thing in the morning to make sure everyone's okay.

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