Friday, October 29, 2010

Barnyard Bags and other fun stuff

For years, we've tried to find a way to re-use the feed sacks that seem to pile up around any livestock enterprise.  After a farmer's market customer showed me a shopping bag made from a wheat sack in Africa, we hit on the idea of Barnyard Bags - shopping bags made from feed sacks.  Since I'm not much of a seamster (I guess that's the masculine version of seamstress), Sami has been designing and making these great bags!

For more information on our Barnyard Bags and other gift items, go to!


  1. Found out today that we can't "officially" sell these gifts at our farmers' market stall. We can take orders, though!

  2. Cool idea! I wish that I'd thought of it first...although I don't have many feed sacks. Maybe there is a reason to start feeding grain or to search out other feed manufacturers!