Monday, August 16, 2010

Sheepherder Fitness Club

By its nature, our work is physically demanding.  Part of this is due to the fact that very little of our work can be mechanized.  Part of it is due to our conscious decision not to use motorized equipment (like 4-wheelers) any more than necessary.  As a consequence, we stay in pretty good physical condition.  Since I've been running sheep commercially, I've tightened my belt 4 or 5 holes!

Our fitness program has been so successful, that we're considering opening the Sheepherder's Fitness Club.  For a small monthly fee, members can join us 3-4 times a week in moving electric fence, cutting and splitting firewood, and moving sheep.  Premium level members can also learn how to shear sheep, load and stack firewood, peel poles, and trim sheep feet.

The Sheepherder Fitness Club offers a unique guarantee.  We guarantee members will lose 10 pounds in the first month ... if they survive!

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