Friday, April 2, 2010

Winter's Last Gasp?

Sometime after the first day of spring we get a stretch of winter weather - it's as if winter wants us to really appreciate spring!  This week has been one of those stretches.  We had snow just up the hill on Wednesday, and today was cold, wet and blustery day at the ranch.  I don't mind - I try to remember days like this when I'm moving irrigation pipe on a 100 degree day in July!

After retrieving meat from our processor in Dixon this morning, I spent the afternoon moving sheep and goats to a new paddock in Lincoln.  This involves moving fence and animals.  Thankfully, I had both of our border collies today.  Mo and Taff were amazing - they moved all 140 ewes and 170 lambs very quickly.  After we got the sheep settled in, we moved 20 does and 25+ goat kids as well.  The dogs were pretty tired by the time we finished.

I'm so lucky to get to work outside - even on days like this!

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