Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thanks, Julie!

Julie House finished her internship with us about 10 days ago.  She worked with us for a full 12 months, going through the full cycle of production from lambing to grass finishing to breeding and back to lambing.  Julie has also been the face of Flying Mule Farm at the Roseville Farmer's Market every Tuesday (a role in which she will continue).

During the course of her internship, Julie has learned about livestock production, pasture management and working dogs.  She has been especially interested (and helpful) in our contract grazing program.  She managed our small goat herd at her parents' place in south Auburn last fall.  Her experience as a chef has also helped us in developing recipes for lamb, beef and goat.

We've been extremely fortunate in our internship program over the last year - Julie has added a great deal to our enterprises!  Please thank her on our behalf when you see her at a farmer's market!

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