Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day 2010

When I was working for the California Cattlemen's Association (more than 13 years ago, now), someone (probably the American Farm Bureau Federation) coined the phrase "Every Day is Earth Day for a Farmer."  While it's a tiresome cliche', I do think about Earth Day and my relationship to the environment at this time of year.

A typical day for me is spent mostly outdoors, and mostly in an "environment" that is largely "natural."  On some days, nature can be cruel - cold, windy days when we're lambing or hot, dry days in the woods with a wildfire nearby.  On other days, nature cooperates - rain in April and May when we'd otherwise be irrigating pasture, for example.

Today, I participated in an Earth Day Fair at HP in Roseville.  I realized how fortunate I am (given my personality) to be working outside everyday.  I'm incredibly grateful to those who invent and build and create the types of technology that make my life easier.  I'm also grateful that my job doesn't require me to work in a cubicle.

I ran into one of my college roommates, who has worked at HP for 18 years.  He's a great guy - incredibly smart.  He described his new work environment as a stall rather than a cubicle.  Thankfully, the only stall I work in includes a mule!

Happy Earth Day!

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