Monday, March 29, 2010

Walden Woods Project - Day 3

This was a pretty quite day - all we had to do was feed the guard dog (Reno) and check fences.  The sheep were all lying down and chewing their cuds when we arrived - they looked very content.  This paddock may take them a bit longer - there is more poison oak than I realized at first.  We may have to force them to eat the brush a bit.

Reno was not my first choice as far as guard dogs go for this project.  The Walden Woods Homeowner's Association was worried that a barking dog would annoy residents.  Since Reno is the least vocal of our guard dogs, we brought him. He's going to be a very capable dog, but he's still a puppy.  I don't trust him entirely with babies - kids or lambs.  This meant that I did not bring as many goats to the project as planned - most of our goats have kids at the moment.  Our next entry (this summer) will include more goats.

In other news (I've always wanted to say that), we had 3 new lambs at Doty Ravine today, including the little ewe lamb in this photo.  Not sure where the black eye-patch came from, but she's pretty cute!

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