Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stuff that works

I really like stuff that works, and I'm willing to pay more for things if I know that they work for my particular needs.  Here's a list of stuff that works for me:

  1. Oringi rain gear - this rain gear from New Zealand is the best I've ever owned!
  2. Muck chore boots - neoprene boots that have good traction and keep my feet warm.
  3. Drew's linecutter boots - firefighting/logging boots that are custom-made, affordable (less than $300) and durable.
  4. Pendleton wool shirts - I have several shirts from my Dad and my uncle that are almost as old as I am.
  5. Filson wool coats and vests - I own 3 coats and 1 vest - they're great!
  6. Stafix and Speedrite fence energizers - very dependable in all situations!
  7. Premier all-positive electric net
  8. Premier neck crook - a new addition to our sheep equipment; this neck crook makes catching new lambs a cinch.
  9. Well-bred border collies - I couldn't raise sheep without them.
  10. Moore Maker pocket knives - a sharp knife is a good knife, and these hold their edge.
  11. Jonsered chainsaws - mine always starts!
  12. National Cattlemen's Beef Association pocket calendar - don't tell the cattlemen, but it works for sheep records, too!
  13. Cabela's merino wool socks
  14. Carhartt ridge coat - a good work jacket!
  15. Sunbody palm leaf hats - bald guys like me need a good hat!
  16. Key brand double front work pants - cheaper and more durable than Carhartts
Let me know what you've found that works!

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