Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Faces

If you've talked to us at a farmer's market lately, or if you've been following this blog, you'll know that there are lots of new faces at Flying Mule Farm this month.

First, we want to welcome Alice, our newest intern.  Alice grew up in Southern California and has worked as a classical musician in London.  More recently, she interned on a goat dairy near Ashland, Oregon.  She's now spent a week with us and has already proven to be a great help and an eager learner.  Be sure to say hello to her at a farmer's market in the near future!

You've already met the latest addition to our Border collie family.  Ernie has become VERY comfortable at our house.  He has developed quite a sense of humor, and the older dogs still don't know quite what to think of him. He's been lots of fun!

The lambs have also started to arrive.  To date, we have 26 new lambs.  They are loving this warmer weather.  This is my favorite time of the farming year - every day is like Christmas.

Finally, just tonight we added a new member of our guardian dog team.  Vegas is a daughter of Boise.  She's about 10 weeks old, and very cute.  She'll hang out with the ewe lambs for a couple of months before graduating to more demanding security assignments.

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