Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today was an interesting day.  I woke up to rain and the feeling that I should be looking after my sheep and goats rather than going to the farmer's market.  Fortunately, Courtney was able to check on the new lambs and goats while I went to the market - almost like being in two places at one time!

Despite the rainy weather, the market was successful.  I feel like I owe it to the customers who are dedicated enough to come to the market rain or shine to be there myself!  I'm amazed at the numbers of people that come every Saturday regardless of the weather!

During the market, Courtney called to report that we were missing one lamb (out of more than 120) and that we'd lost a few goat kids due to their mothers' lack of maternal instincts.  Carol Arnold, my friend and the general manager of the Foothill Farmer's Market Association, overhead the conversation and asked me if losing lambs and kids bothers me.  It does.  Even though I can accept death as a part of my livelihood, it bothers me.  I agonize over management decisions this time of year - decisions that have implications for the well-being of my animals.  I love lambing and kidding season, but this is an emotionally stressful time of year as well.  I often have trouble sleeping because I worry about my animals.  I guess that's part of dedication, too.

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