Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last month, my Dad gave me two Muscovy ducks - both drakes. About 10 days ago, our interns, Courtney and Julie, and I butchered them. On Sunday, we celebrated the end of irrigation season by barbecuing the ducks and making lamb stew over the campfire. The ducks were incredible!

I've only eaten duck a few times, and I suspect it wasn't well prepared when I had it. This time, it was done perfectly. It has the look and texture of beef, but a flavor that is unique. Our youngest daughter, Emma, love it, too - she ate as much as I did!

We're considering adding Muscovy ducks as our primary poultry enterprise. We still have a lot to learn, but if the flavor and quality of the ducks we had for dinner on Sunday evening is any indication, they'd be a great addition!

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  1. Muscovies! Those would be a perfect addition to our urban farm and we had given them some thought as they are much quieter than the average duck. In the meantime, we love supporting our meat producing neighbors while we are still sorting out the livestock details :) Congrats on the duckies!!!