Monday, October 26, 2009


We held the first of our annual planning meetings today with our local farm advisor, Roger Ingram. I try to spend some time at the end of each year evaluating the previous year and planning for the coming one. This year, we spent some time thinking about what went well and what needs improvement.

As we talked, I realized that one of my biggest challenges is to keep from spreading myself too thin. I truly enjoy raising sheep and marketing lamb. I also enjoy working in the woods (cutting firewood, milling lumber and making peeled poles). In 2010, I need to try to organize my work so that I spend my time as profitably as possible. As our sheep flock expands, this means more time irrigating pastures and managing our grazing operation.

Our interns, Julie and Courtney, also participated in today's meeting. I found their insights into our business (after nearly a year of direct participation) to be extremely helpful. I think they found the discussion to be a useful model in considering their own farming endeavors, too.

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