Thursday, March 19, 2009

Riverhill Farm CSA

Our friends at Riverhill Farm (Alan and Jo) in Nevada City operate a community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm. This year, they are selling 180 subscriptions. Each week for 20 weeks, beginning in June, their subscribers will receive a box full of fresh vegetables and fruit. They have a spectacular farm and grow some amazing produce. Check them out at

This year, Riverhill Farm is also adding a meat option for their customers. We're excited to be part of this (along with Brad and Alona Fowler, who raise pastured poultry, and Coffee Pot Ranch, who produce pork). We're offering a half of a lamb for a share price of $150. Every three weeks during Riverhill's main CSA season, our subscribers will receive a delivery of our grass-fed lamb. We'll alternate with the Fowlers and with Coffee Pot Ranch.

As local growers who direct market, we have a choice about how we view other local farmers. We can choose to view them as competition, or we can choose to view them as colleagues. I choose the latter - we need to collaborate as much as possible. Alan and Jo are offering us a tremendous opportunity to reach new customers. In turn, we're offering Alan and Jo a chance to expand the range of products available to their customers. It's a pretty good trade!


  1. Nice partnership. I like the look and feel of their website. Wish I lived closer to take advantage of the program.

  2. That is a fantastic idea, it would be great for another farm closer to our area to offer something similar.