Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Intern Blog - Poop Happens (by Jason da Cunha)

The last time I was involved in an internship, I was 23 years old and about to graduate from college. Back then it was a time for fun, creativity and self-discovery. It seems I have now come full circle.

After successful careers in non-profit event planning and fundraising, wedding and event video production, graphic and web design, and marketing in commercial real estate, I now find myself starting over once again. This time, the focus is on something that is near and dear to both my heart and stomach….FOOD!

I did not know what direction my fascination for the food that I eat and serve my family would take, but I thought the weekly visit to my local farmer’s market was a good place to start. During my visits, I became fascinated with the farmers who grew food for our local community. I wanted to know what it was like to grow what I would eventually eat. More importantly, I hoped to have a hand in growing it. In a happy meeting of desire and need, Dan Macon and I met. Through several conversations, Dan was kind enough to offer me the chance to intern on his farm and learn about farming first-hand.

It has only been two weeks since starting my internship, but in that time, I have helped in herding sheep, built electrical fence, dug post holes, moved portable fences, processed new born lambs, processed sheep through foot baths, attended a vegetable farm workshop, used hoeing equipment powered by two powerful Clydesdale horses and, last but not at all least, stepped in many a form of poop too many times to count.

The experience thus far has been very educational and entertaining. I really look forward to the days I work with Dan, Taff and Moe. I am excited for the chance to work at the farmer’s market in the near future and use my skills in marketing to help in educating our local community about the benefits of supporting local farmers plus spreading the message of the health and environmental benefits of eating locally.

The last memory I have of my first two weeks is of my son Jordan asking what that ungodly smell was in our garage after my first day back from the farm. I pointed to my work boots that I had just taken off and placed on a rack in the garage. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and then I said, “I learned a new phrase from Dan today that should answer your question. POOP HAPPENS!”

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