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Ranching and Nature

I just finished an interesting book entitled Cod, by Mark Kurlansky.  The last paragraph in the book raises some interesting questions about our relationship with nature; questions that also have relevance to my own work as a rancher, I think:
“There is a big difference between living in a society that hunts whales and living in one that views them.  Nature is being reduced to precious demonstrations for entertainment and education, something far less natural than hunting.  Are we headed for a world where nothing is left of nature but parks?  Whales are mammals, and mammals do not lay a million eggs.  We were forced to give up commercial hunting and to raise domestic mammals for meat, preserving the wild ones as best we could.” Among the many things I like about my life as a pastoralist (that is, someone whose work entails raising livestock on rangeland) is the fact that I get to work (as opposed to recreate) in and with nature.  My day-to-day work – as herdsman at the Sierra Foothil…